About Us

Welcome to The New Age Of Content Creation

We developed a secret sauce that has proven to turn an up and coming creator into the next viral sensation. We are now hungry to share that spark of innovation with you!

Who Are We

Spark XP Ventures owns and represents some of the biggest up and coming brands and properties in digital media. 

Our Mission

Create inspiring and empowering original programming by working with content creators worldwide.

What We Do

Spark Of Innovation



We have a knack for discovering new talent and underserved trending niches across multiple platforms.


Turnkey Production

Our production studio is designed to handle rapid turnaround for video, audio and images production.


Data Analysis

We use proprietary tools to identify what works and what doesn’t, so content creators can identify hot trends.



We flip the strategy on marketing and promotions by turning it into a revenue generating endeavor via sponsorship.



Our mentorship program helps content creators develop a long term vision for their properties.


Master Class

Our best practices are developed into online courses that help creators learn new skills and accelerate growth.

Why Work With Us?

Our secret sauce has proven to work, as multiple creators we represent have now reached the top 1% in their niches.

Spark XP Ventures was founded by award winning creator John Lee. John has over 25 years experience creating hit products and brands, working with such IPs as Star Wars, WWE, and Marvel. As both a product and content creator, and a former executive in the digital media space, he knows what it takes to build a digital brand. 

The team at Spark XP have developed a repeatable process that has proven to turn any brand into a hit on social media quickly. This methodology is rooted in product management best practices which is utilized by the top tech companies in the world like Facebook and Google to drive innovation and create viral hits.

By using Spark XP’s proprietary methodology to discover new trends, creating compelling content, and accelerating growth, several creators have earned the distinction of being in the top 1% in their niche, earning a 6 digit figure income in a year.

Unlike any agency, we don’t treat artists, creators and developments like a business opportunity. We strive to help creators develop a personal brand that can last years. The digital media space is constant evolving and we guide our talent towards prosperity.

We help creators develop insight into the best way to build their brands efficiently and effectively for prosperity. While never losing that creative spark along the way. 

Some Numbers

People love big numbers. Here are some big numbers.

1 +
Million Views
Videos Produced
Properties Represented
The Year Of Prosperity!